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  Christopher Ramey f8e429cd10 fixed api bug where empty fields weren't being omitted 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey 59abca99cf fixed api url on submit 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey 2574262ced go fmt 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey a41f300cdf updated urls on submit page 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey 5f4593f6cf Updated build instructions, updated main page links 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey f32a5cfdfc Added license file 3 months ago
  Christopher Ramey b1b0689554 Imported project in git, removed bindata dependency 3 months ago
  cdramey eb08032bef Fixed dumb formatting on README 10 months ago
  cdramey ac9da7059e Added bindata to vendor directory and changed build instructions 10 months ago
  cdramey 2440189066 Fixed bad URL redirect bug 1 year ago
  cdramey da9cc7c175 Added API usage instructions 1 year ago
  cdramey b18f768aa9 Added proper redirection, improved loading error display 1 year ago
  cdramey 3ce1628602 First pass with API 1 year ago
  cdramey 2cef052a4f Added backup machinery 1 year ago
  cdramey 464eb0606a Migrated all http mechanics to a central handler, changed static 1 year ago
  cdramey 6a249b6fff Added IP and Browser string to submit routines 1 year ago
  cdramey 1455ed2915 Improved URL validation 1 year ago
  cdramey 744c404270 Migrated URL validation out of database saving 1 year ago
  cdramey a97e2a9f4e Added URL submission 1 year ago
  cdramey a04a23f5a6 Added basic pages 1 year ago
  cdramey 8c5140c8ad Initial commit 1 year ago
  cdramey 7989b03609 initial empty check-in 1 year ago