a simple url shortener in Go (check it out at qurl.org)
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<title>qurl.org - API usage</title>
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<h1>API usage</h1>
<p>API URL: http://qurl.org/api/url</p>
<ul>Parameters (GET or POST)
<li><b>url</b> The url to be shortened</li>
<ul>JSON Response
<li><b>url</b> <i>(string)</i> the shortened url (e.g. http://qurl.org/0)</li>
<li><b>exists</b> <i>(boolean)</i> true if the provided URL was already in the database</li>
<li><b>error</b> <i>(string)</i> error message if url could not be shortened (e.g. "Invalid URL")</li>
<h1>API example</h1>
<b>Response:</b><pre>{"error":"Not a valid URL."}</pre>